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Minimizing Annoying Font Problems During Print

posted on Dec 13, 2010.

If you work in print—or even if you’re thinking about working in print—one thing that will always be an important consideration is fonts. Strange things can happen with text as it goes through the printing process. In this article, I would like to pull from my own experience to offer a few suggestion about how we can help minimize some of these issues.

Is Your Artwork Ready for Print?

posted on May 4, 2010.

So, you’ve got a hit design blog, mastered the user experience and can code a PSD file to XHTML and CSS in about 5 minutes. You can run circles around digital media, and maybe you’ve even gotten your feet wet with HTML 5 and CSS3. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, your client asks for a quote on some fancy business cards with gold foil stamping. That’s when it hits you. When was the last time you prepared a file for professional printing?

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