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Quick Tip: Create a Simple Sunburst Element

posted on Aug 6, 2009.

Quick Tip: Learn how to make your own version of the popular sunburst effect in Photoshop in 5 simple steps. This is a really easy effect that can spice up your designs. But please, use it sparingly!

Two Useful Design Articles

posted on Jul 29, 2009.

This article links to two design-related articles that I found very useful – from BittBox and Blog.Spoon Graphics – about Photoshop Brushes and creating vector-based seamless patterns. Both articles discuss fairly simple concepts, but they are invaluable tools for any designer.

Develop Good Photoshop Habits

posted on Jul 25, 2009.

Try getting into these four Photoshop habits, which will help to improve the flexibility of your documents, your workflow and your overall Photoshop experience. They are tricks that I’ve learned through experience, and they certainly help me.

Quick Tip: Apply Adjustments to a Single Layer

posted on Jul 12, 2009.

Quick Tip: Learn how to apply an adjustment layer to just a single layer. This is a really simple trick, but it’s not always the most obvious.

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