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If Photoshop Was Batman, Then Illustrator Would Be…

posted on Jan 9, 2010.

Perhaps as a direct result of too much Batman: Arkham Asylum, I found myself asking the question: If Photoshop was Batman, what would Illustrator be? In this silly little article, I explore some of the intriguing possibilities.

An Overview of Brushes In Illustrator

posted on Nov 12, 2009.

I think that most people know and understand Photoshop brushes – at least to some degree. Illustrator brushes, however, seem to be a bit more of a mystery. In this post, we’ll take a look at the four types of brushes that exist in Illustrator, and also how to save and share brushes between Illustrator documents.

Two Useful Design Articles

posted on Jul 29, 2009.

This article links to two design-related articles that I found very useful – from BittBox and Blog.Spoon Graphics – about Photoshop Brushes and creating vector-based seamless patterns. Both articles discuss fairly simple concepts, but they are invaluable tools for any designer.

Quick Tip: Make a Vector Gear in 7 Simple Steps

posted on Jul 18, 2009.

Today’s Quick Tip is a simple 7 step tutorial on how to create a really basic shape in Illustrator. When I say simple, I really do mean simple. I can run through these steps in about 2 minutes flat! Of course, if you’re reading and following along it will probably take you a bit longer […]

Freebie: Circles Brush Pack

posted on Jul 16, 2009.

Illustrator Brushes Freebie: This extremely flexible brush pack features 20 scatter and art brushes for creating awesome circle-based designs in Adobe Illustrator.

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