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Group WordPress Project: A Purpose & A Name

posted on Nov 2, 2010.

After a great response to the first introduction of the Group WordPress Project, we’re back at it. This time, I’m looking to narrow things down a bit, and need your help to determine the overall purpose of the theme and start thinking about a possible name.

Group WordPress Project

posted on Oct 12, 2010.

This is the introduction to a social/design/development experiment that I want to run here on the Echo Enduring Blog where you, the reader, actually helps guide the development of a brand new WordPress theme, from conceptualization through to completion. Interested? Read more, and be sure to contribute your thoughts!

Further Thoughts on CSS, Experiments and Icons

posted on Aug 21, 2010.

Last week, I published an article entitled “Are We Taking CSS Too Far?” in which I looked at the concept of using icons generated entirely with CSS rules. In this post, I would like to follow up on some of the thoughts that emerged through the discussion of the first article.

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