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Featured Artist: Lois van Baarle

posted on Sep 17, 2009.

Featured Artist: In this first installment of the Featured Artist installment, we will be getting to know Lois van Baarle (also known as loish), whose beautifully rendered and deeply textured art resonates deeply with a wonderful sense of whimsical fantasy.

Amazing Moiraine Damodred Painting

posted on Jul 15, 2009.

I found an awesome painting of Moiraine Damorded from Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, which I wanted to share. Even you haven’t read the series, this is still a really well composed illustration.

12 Awesome Fantasy Covers on my Bookshelf

posted on Jul 10, 2009.

A look at 12 of my favorite covers from the fantasy novels on my bookshelf. Featuring artists such as Keith Parkinson, Todd Lockwood and Stephen Youll.

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