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Create and Manage Surveys with Ease with Survd

posted by Matt Ward on Dec 29, 2010.

In this post, I would like to introduce you to something that I have been working on for the past several months, and which I have just launched over the last week or so. It’s an exciting new app that makes developing and deploying surveys on your website a breeze.

So, while there have been a number of freebies released over the past few days, it has been relatively quiet here on the blog. The primary reason for this is that, throughout the month of December, I have been busting my tail putting together a new little application called Survd. The app basically allows for what I like to call localized survey management, which essentially means that you can create and manage surveys through this single, easy to use application.

It has been tested by a number of different people from the community, and the response has been pretty positive, which I’m really glad about! Just check out this testimonial from Jon Phillips over at SpyreStudios:

Survd is simple and easy to use. The interface isn’t bloated or cluttered in any way, and the whole experience is very intuitive. It’s the best solution for creating surveys, hands down!

Thanks so much for the kind words Jon!

Anyhow, in this post, I would like to present a bit of an overview of Survd, and some of the benefits that I think it brings to the world of web design and development. To start, I truly believe that one of the biggest benefits of the application is that it localizes survey development and deployment right within the context of your own site. In other words, Survd runs on your server and, through self-generated code, plugs right in to your existing website.

Why is this important? Well there are a number of considerations.

  1. It means that there is no monthly cost. As a self-hosted application, you pay a one time fee for the software (on a single site per license basis) and then use it for as long as you want. Compared to a hosted service, the app will pay for itself in just a couple of months.
  2. Surveys can be inserted directly into your existing website. Some other self-hosted survey packages present their surveys within the context of their own environment, meaning that you need to create a completely new skin or theme in order to create the illusion of seamless integration with your site. With Survd, however, there’s no illusion. The app is specifically designed to plug directly into your existing page.
  3. It also allows for flexibility. You can literally put your survey anywhere that you can place a <div> element. It can be in the main content area, in a sidebar, in the footer, or even in a separate modal dialog. Moreover, if you are running multiple surveys on a site, they don’t all have to be in the same place. Put each survey where you want it.

For example, here is a simple, three question survey that was created and inserted into this post by a copy of Survd running on this very server!

Added Benefits

In addition to the easy to use interface and localization, Survd also brings a number of other benefits to the table. What follows is part of what I’ve written for the about page on the Survd website:

Save hours in development

It’s a fact: many web designers and developers hate working with forms, and setting up a new survey functionality on your website can involve hours of tedious form creation, and scripting for validation and submissions.

Survd has a simple interface that makes creating survey questions quick and easy

Survd has a simple interface that makes creating survey questions quick and easy

Survd can help save you on development time by doing the dirty work for you.

When surveys are inserted into your site, Survd works to create semantic, usable forms. It also provides extensive, built-in validation functionality, AJAX-based submission and automatic processing, making survey deployment quick, easy and painless.

Create surveys quickly & easily

In addition to cutting down on general coding time, Survd also works to minimize how long it takes to actually develop your surveys.

Creating surveys with Survd is simple and easy.

Just log in to the administration area and use the simple and attractive interface to create a new survey, define your questions, set up a few details and save. Your survey is now ready to be deployed on your website!

Use your own styles

If there’s one thing that drives the development team here at Survd nuts, it would probably be website addons and widgets that try to take design decisions into their own hands by providing their own, built-in styles, many of which often conflict with the existing design of a site.

Survd is entirely uninvasive.

When you insert a Survd survey into your site, it will appear as plain, unstyled HTML. With plenty of built in classes, and the ability to define custom classes on a question-by-question basis, Survd is specifically engineered to offer you complete control over the presentation and design of your forms.

Simple in-app reporting

The most important part of any survey is the results, and in addition to providing built-in results processing functionality, Survd also provides you with quick but powerful access to this data through reports that include paginated, searchable tables and attractive pie charts for qualified questions.

Super easy to install

Like everything else with Survd, installing the app is a simple process. Just upload it to your server, visit the root and follow the on screen prompts. You’ll be finished in minutes.

Installing a new survey is just a matter of including a few snippets of generated code in your website pages

Installing a new survey is just a matter of including a few snippets of generated code in your website pages

No database required

Unlike some other apps, Survd runs on a simple, flat-file system, which means you don’t need to know or understand mySQL databases to get it up and running.

Lifelong, Transferable Licenses

When it comes to licensing, things have been made as flexible and easy as possible for you, the user. While Survd is sold and licensed on a single site basis, you retain the option of transferring your license at any time.

Moreover, as new updates to the current version of Survd are released, they will be made available to you free of charge, as long as it is withing the same version family. For example, if you have the initial release of Survd (1.0), then any update to version 1.x will be completely free. Once we release Survd 2 (initial plans are already being formulated!), discounted upgrade pricing will also be available, meaning that you won’t have to completely reinvest in another copy.

This helps to ensure that your purchased license will maintain the bulk of its value over time.

That’s a Wrap

I think that pretty much covers all the basics and gives you a pretty good introduction to what Survd is, and more importantly, how it can benefit you! If you get a few moments, I’d really appreciate it if you could head on out to the website and check it out. Also, feel free to play around with the demo and get a feel for how the app actually works. You can set up new surveys, test them right on the Survd website and even check out your results. Some functionality has been disabled for the demo to prevent general silliness, but you should still be able to experience the bulk of what the app has to offer.

And if you like it, do feel free to get in on the discounted pricing and buy yourself a copy!

Also, please feel free to contact me with any reactions, suggestions, thoughts or ideas about Survd. You can leave a comment here, contact me through Echo Enduring or via the contact form over at Survd. I’d love to hear from you!

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