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Freebie: Candy Cane Patterns

posted by Matt Ward on Dec 25, 2010.

Freebie: In celebration of Christmas and the entire holiday season, I’ve put together this set of candy cane seamless vector patterns. These patterns are available in both AI and PNG format, and are completely free for you to use in your designs! I hope you enjoy these!

Merry Christmas! I’ll be honest, I put this post together yesterday and won’t actually be doing much on the blog on Christmas. I’ll be spending time with my family and friends and just enjoying all the incredible blessings of the season. But I’m still planning on giving away another freebie today, to go along with the snow textures and WhatsThis? plugin from the past couple of days.

Since this is Christmas, I wanted to do something related to the season itself. Not that that really narrowed things down all that much, since there are all kinds of things that are associated with Christmas. Snow, bells, Santa, reindeer, mangers, stars, wise men, holly, mistletoe. The list goes on and on and on.

Finally, I decided I would create some seamless vector patterns based on the iconic candy cane! So here they are. This package contains 6 different variations on the basic striped candy cane pattern, in both AI and PNG formats. I started with the traditional red green and white, then created a few different variations.

Candy Cane Pattern (Downloaded 3653 times)

Candy Cane Pattern (Downloaded 3653 times)

It’s a pretty simple looking pattern, but I have to say that it took me longer than you’d expect creating these patterns. Getting those stripes to line up was pretty tricky until I found this awesome little article over at BittBox, explaining how to use Illustrator’s blend tool to create a striped pattern. As long as you have proper alignment, the technique works like a charm!

Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy these patterns and can find a use for them, either this holiday, next Christmas or any time in between (changing the colours can make them much more non-candy-cane-ish).

Even more importantly, have a very blessed and merry day, wherever in the world you are!

Let me know your thoughts on this one! Do you like the pattern? Would you like to see more pattern freebies on here?

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Dec 27, 2010

Rajib Roy says:

Nice article. I love it.

Dec 14, 2011

Nathan Adver says:

i think i’ve found this post right in time!:)
its seems that the pattern is too simple and could be made by yourself. but i always have sme pixel artefacts at the seams

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