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First Friday Giveaway: Thousands of Vectors & Design Elements

posted by Matt Ward on Jun 4, 2010.

It’s time for another installment of First Friday Giveaways here on the Echo Enduring Blog. Here’s your chance to get your hands on some high quality vectors, Photoshop brushes and website templates, exclusively from the folks over at TrendyPacks.com

It’s the first Friday of the month again, which means it’s also time for another installment for First Friday Giveaways. First, though, it’s also time to announce the winner of last month’s (non-First-Friday) giveaway of 500 free business cards from U-Printing. The winner is:

Karissa Wingate (@karissawingate)

Congratulations Karissa! I hope you can put the cards to really good use.

Okay, so this month we have an incredible prize up for grabs, as the good folks over at TrendyPacks.com have made a single license of their incredible Infinity Design Pack, which literally contains thousands of vectors and other design elements. This will make an incredible addition any designer’s arsenal of resources.

Trendy Packs Giveaway

Trendy Packs Giveaway

I’ve had the chance to check out and work with the elements in this pack, and I have to say that they totally rock. The vectors are all of incredibly high quality, and there’s all sorts of different things to choose from. The pack contains all of your staples, such as grunge elements, floral, a few wings and, of course, skulls for rocking off trendy t-shirts. It also contains some awesome character illustrations, some great animals, and a whole miscellany of cool elements.

Here are some of my personal favorites

Awesome Animals

Awesome Animals

Marvelous Mushrooms

Marvelous Mushrooms

Cartoony Characters

Cartoony Characters

Heroic Heraldry

Heroic Heraldry

Most of these vectors are also available as Photoshop brushes too, which makes the entire pack almost twice as valuable.

And, as if all those vectors and brushes weren’t enough, the Infinity Design Pack also comes complete with 13 complete and beautiful website Photoshop templates. These can be incredibly valuable resources for designers, providing layout ideas or a starting point that you can completely customize to your own needs and tastes. I’ve had a look at these templates too, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. They are lovely, and more importantly, very well organized!

That’s a ton of great resources, and this amazing pack be yours for free if you’re the winner of this giveaway!

So here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter. Trust me, I won’t clog your feed and I always try to tweet interesting articles and resources!
  2. Mosey on back here and comment. Include your Twitter handle (eg. @echoenduring), your email address (so I can contact you if you win) and a note about why you want to win this sweet prize!
  3. Spread the word! Tell everyone you know! Tweet this post, stumble it, blog it or post it to your favorite social network of choice! I’d really appreciate it! (optional)

A few basic contest rules:

  1. Only enter once.
  2. Contest closes after midnight (Standard Eastern Time) on June 28.
  3. I will be tabulating entries, and selecting and contacting the winner within several days of the contest closing.
  4. We will then make arrangements for you to claim your prize!

So there you go. That should be all the details you need. So go on, enter this contest! Oh, and don’t forget to head over to TrendyPacks.com and take a closer look at their full range of awesome design resources!

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Matt Ward is a digital artist who lances freely under the moniker of Echo Enduring Media, and specializes in graphics design, illustration and writing. He is also the Creative Director for Highland Marketing, a creative direct marketing company based out of Waterloo, Ontario. You can follow Matt on Twitter

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Jun 4, 2010

@Eldair says:

I want this prise since it will certainly help me in design…

Jun 4, 2010

Daniel Marakowski says:

my twitter: @newlinkcs
Email: daniel@newlinkcs.com

I would love to win because I have just launched my freelance business and am looking for resources to help me get started!

Jun 4, 2010

Glenn Van Bogaert says:

Would really love to win these. They’re so useful to create more professional looking designs. And since I’m learning it all myself it would been extra cool to win these.

My Twitter username is @glennvanbogaert

Jun 4, 2010

Craig Paterson says:


Would be an excellent addition to any designer’s clip-art/vector library, some of the examples are quite stunning.

Jun 4, 2010

BSL Designs says:


These First Friday Giveaway items would greatly boost my design resources and hopefully help me with a few website projects I’ve had on the back-burner. Thanks for a chance at these great tools.

Follow me: @bsldesigns
Mail me: bsldesigns@gmail.com


Jun 4, 2010

Steve Robillard says:

@srpsco I would love to win as a one man show I am called on to do more design (i consider myself a developer) and this would help build my library.

Jun 4, 2010

jona says:


nice giveaway, would love to win. :)

Jun 4, 2010

SolDucky says:

Twitter follower soluckyducky. I would love to win so that I could design more art cards for friends and family.
soluckyducky at {gmail} dot {com}

Jun 4, 2010

Don Livingston says:


This would be an awesome addition to my toolbox!

Jun 5, 2010

Melanie says:

This would be a fabulous addition to my artwork!


Jun 5, 2010

Parko says:


I’d love this pack… it looks brilliant. I’m studying graphic design and looking to go out on my own when it finishes up and something like this would help a bunch.

Awesome giveaway Matt… Cheers :)

Jun 5, 2010

Oscar Lemström says:

http://twitter.com/olemstrom Made a Twitter account just for this competition. I guess it is time to start using Twitter too.

I’d love to win this pack because I am currently trying to start freelancing/self-employing myself while going to school too and I would love to get some awesome resources to use.

Jun 6, 2010

ronnie says:

I am a 42 yr old single mom. TRYING get my own business going… Not only is time an issue but MONEY is a HUGE issue. I just found your site and I am so grateful for the free knowledge you provide. At my age creating websites and learning to do my designing in digital has been a real challenge. Winning the Infinity Design Pack would be incredible!


Jun 6, 2010

Elena says:

It’s always great to get new vectors. A designer can never have enough. Thanks for the ultracool contest. @cookandgee

Jun 7, 2010

jo says:


Oooooh lovely, lovely, lovely! I want!
I’m going to write up a blog post tomorrow too, thanks for such a great blog!

Jun 7, 2010

David says:

Twitter: @6210xi

Email: cx7400@gmail.com

Why? Because i am a part-time freelancer and this would help me a lot!

BTW: Posted it here: http://techwasteland.tumblr.com/post/675112220/first-friday-giveaway-thousands-of-vectors-design

Jun 8, 2010

@Social_IT_e says:

That’s a pretty cool prize, bro. Pitty it’s not available to everyone!

Jun 9, 2010

Omar says:


Because i need it :D

Jun 9, 2010

RaduM says:

my twitter: @radumicu

Dude this is a great giveaway :) Thanks for sharing

Jun 9, 2010

Fro Designs says:



I’m a freelancer and have absolutely no resources such as this besides Google. This would really be a wonderful tool to spice up my designs!

Jun 9, 2010

Todd Eastman says:

I’d really like to win this package. I am struggling to be able to buy this package outright, but simply don’t have the money. Maybe this could be the boost to get my freelance business off the ground!

follow me – @ToddEastman

Jun 10, 2010

dems says:

great for my collection! thanks for the chance!


Jun 11, 2010

Chris Yerkes says:

this would be great to win!

@chrisyerkes is my twitter handle.

Jun 14, 2010

Rachel Shillcock says:

Wow, what a massively invaluable pack! Good luck to everyone – whoever wins this will definitely be better off!

My twitter is @missrachilli by the way :)

Jun 16, 2010

Carlos says:

Are you kidding?! Who wouldn’t want to win this pack? It’s any designer’s dream package! The samples you’ve posted are already fantastic; I just can imagine the awesomeness that awaits the winner when they get the whole pack. Count me in (@vladrys)! :)

Jun 17, 2010

Guilherme Tavares says:

Hi there! I’m a 27yo brazilian web and graphic designer. As for anyone, that pack would be extremely handful! And I wouldn’t be able to buy it if I don’t win so… plz choose me! =D

My twitter: @cabelo

great blog btw! keep up!

Jun 18, 2010

Ian Butterworth says:

Very nice site with great tutorials. I am in need of more graphics to spice up my site and other I work on! I’m on Twitter @misterian

Jun 20, 2010

Anne Hale says:

An incredible resource giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity, Matt! Already following you on Twitter. :)

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