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First Friday Giveaway: One Free License of Fanurio

posted by Matt Ward on Mar 5, 2010.

It’s time for another awesome giveaway, this time courtesy of both Echo Enduring Media and Fanurio. We have 1 license of Fanurio’s awesome time-tracking and billing software up for grabs for one lucky reader! If you’re a freelancer, you’ll definitely want to get in on this one!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a giveaway here on the Echo Enduring Blog, so I think it’s well past time to give you readers the opportunity to win something awesome. So, I am planning on starting a monthly giveaway called First Friday Giveaways. On the first Friday of every month, I will be giving you a post just like this one, where you will have the chance to win some awesome stuff!

To start it all off, the good folks over at Fanurio have offered one free license of their time-tracking and billing software for freelancers! I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

Win one free lisence of Fanurio

Win one free lisence of Fanurio

If you’re not familiar with Fanurio, be sure to check out their website. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the features of their app:

  • Simple Time Tracking – Like all the best time tracking applications Fanurio comes equipped with a timer that allows you to carefully track the amount of time that you are spending on a given project. Of course, if you forget to start the timer, or if you are away from your desk and simply can’t manage it, you can always enter the time manually.
  • Simple Billing – Simple billing tools allow you to track services and expenses across different projects and create simple and attractive invoices from editable templates. It even allows you to track taxes, as necessary.
  • Analyze Your Work – Continued self analysis is an important function for any freelancer, and Fanurio allows you to produce reports to help determine how much money you’ve made or who your best client has been over a particular timeframe.
  • Multiple System Support – Work on a Mac? No problem, Fanurio works on OS X. Windows user? You’re covered there too. Fanurio will even run on UNIX based systems!

If you just can’t wait and want to give the application a test run right now, you can always head over to their site and download a trial version of the software. And don’t forget to enter to win your own license !

So here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter. Trust me, I won’t clog your feed and I always try to tweet interesting articles and resources!
  2. Mosey on back here and comment. Include your Twitter handle (eg. @echoenduring), your email address (so I can contact you if you win) and a note about why you want to win one of these sweet prizes! It would also be great if you told everyone which packs you choose if you win!
  3. Spread the word! Tell everyone you know! Tweet this post, digg it, blog it or post it to your favorite social network of choice! We’d really appreciate it! (optional)

A few basic contest rules:

  1. Only enter once.
  2. Contest closes after midnight (Standard Eastern Time) on March 12.
  3. I will be tabulating entries, and selecting and contacting the winner within several days of the contest closing.
  4. The winner will subsequently be contacted by Fanurio, with instructions on how to claim their prize

So there you go. That should be all the details you need. So go on, enter this contest! Oh, and don’t forget to head over to Fanurio’s website and take a closer look at all the awesome features that their application has to offer!

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Mar 5, 2010

Melanie says:

I have looked at this software and would love to get a full license for it. Billing and time tracking take up so much time.

Thanks for the opportunity and help from Fanurio and Matt (echoenduring)


Mar 5, 2010

Don Carnes says:

I need a good accounting package. It seems the hardest part about running your own business is getting paid.


Mar 5, 2010

Rebecca Wolford says:

I’m definitely in need of something like this. I currently use Klok to handle my time, and then do the billing manually. Would be great to have something that integrates everything into one package.



Mar 5, 2010

Sara B. says:

I am keeping track the old fashioned way … time cards – yuck!

This would be so helpful!

Thanks for the opportunity.


Mar 5, 2010

Brent Alexander says:

I’ve been doing Graphic Design work on a windows computer for quite some time now. I like what Billings offers on a mac, and I have been trying to find a similar application for the Windows platform. This seems like it will work out perfectly.


Mar 6, 2010

DJ says:

twitter @kyprosv

Well since Fanurio is the only giveaway this time i assume you know i am interested in it.. Being a freelancer i tried it and it is quite helpful. So if i win i will make good use of it :)

Mar 8, 2010

camilia says:

Would love to win a license for managing my billing and time resources for my projects.

Mar 9, 2010

Carlos says:

I’m actually looking around for a time tracking software I can use as a freelancer and it’s really great that I discovered a good one through your blog. Fanurio seems to be getting positive reviews everywhere and I am seriously considering to get this one. The multi-OS support is really awesome as I’m (finally) getting a Mac soon! I’m joining this giveaway just in case (my Twitter handle is @vladrys :D), but most probably I’ll be getting the software myself even if I don’t win.

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