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Freebie: 5 Unique Photoshop Frames

posted by Matt Ward on Sep 15, 2009.

Photoshop Freebie: This freebie pack contains five Photoshop frames, which you can use to add really cool effects to photographs and other graphics.

Hey guys! I know it’s been a few week since I released my last freebie, so I’m bringing you a new one. I’ve actually had this one up my sleeve for a while, so to speak. In this unique package, you will find five different Photoshop files. Each file is designed as a “frame” that you can drop photographs into to create a cool effect.

You can pretty much see what I’m talking about in the preview, below. If you can look past some of extra pizzaz that I added to the preview, you can see that I dropped the exact same image (courtesy of istockphoto.com), into each of the different frames, creating drastically different effects.

5 Unique Photoshop Frames (Downloaded 1812 times)

5 Unique Photoshop Frames (Downloaded 1812 times)

Originally, I created these frames just before my daughter was born. I took some pregnancy shots of my wife, and used these frames to add some sizzle to some of my favorites. Of course, since my wife would quite understandably be upset if I posted those pictures up here for anyone to see, you’ll just have to make due with the colonel here.

There are a few different ways that you can use these frames. In their unedited form, they all have a layer named “Outside White”, which basically masks of the edges of the “frame” with a layer of solid white. This was because I wanted the images to blend into a white background. For the preview, I simply inverted this layer to make them blend into a black background. You can also use this layer and, combined with some basic channeling, create layer masks to actually hide various parts of the other layers to make the frame transparent.

You can download these Photoshop frames by clicking on the preview image above. Feel free to use him in any of your designs. Go ahead. Experiment and have fun with these. Feel to add to them too, or to extract from them. I am particularly fond of some of the grunge work in one of the frames, and I will frequently go back to it and extract that part if I need a really quick’n’dirty grunge effect.

As always, I’d appreciate it of you let me know where and how you use these freebies!

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Jun 16, 2010

clippingimages says:

Awesome frames …will try one now …

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