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Project Wrap: Cameron Shaver Logo

posted by Matt Ward on Sep 5, 2009.

Project Wrap: Finished another one this week. This time it was a logo for Cameron Shaver: Digital Media Solutions. In this post I discuss some of the challenges and unique characteristics of this project.

So I’ve wrapped up yet another project this week. This time, it was a logo design for Cameron Shaver: Digital Media Solutions. This was a pretty cool project, and I’m glad to report that the client was really happy with the final product, which you can see below.

Final Cameron Shaver Logo

Final Cameron Shaver Logo

The real challenge with this project was simply that the client’s business offers a wide range of services, from photography to digital recording and from DJ-ing to website design! Clearly, Cameron is a very multi-talented guy, but trying to wrap this up into any single service offering was something I really had to wrap my brain around.

Just a few things to note about the design of this one. First, because of the wide variety of services that Cameron offers, I elected to focus primary on his initials to create the mark. I sketched out several pages of concepts and created several concepts before the client eventually settled on this one.

After we had determined the primary mark – which I designed to encompass the C and the S from the client’s name, and to very vaguely resemble a camera¬† – I added in to the round box, in order to make it look more like an iPhone App button. This was actually the client’s request, so I can’t take credit for that. I just did my best to make it work.

I also can’t take credit for the colours. The client had a very specific palette that he wanted used, and even went so far as to email me paint chips as samples. So, I sampled the colours from those chips and built them into the overall design.

I should also note that the client wanted the logo to be flexible. Given that the client had significant experience in Photoshop, I took the time to make the PSD (which I always include in my final file packages) a bit more flexible, so that the client could move and extract the different elements, according to his various needs.

To learn more about Cameron Shaver: Digital Media Solutions – or to just see the final logo in action – visit their website at www.cameronshaver.com.

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Aug 25, 2010

Andy says:

Very nice logo.

Oct 13, 2010

logo design says:

Very nice! Simple and elegant! The logo is sticks in memory. CSD. It refreshed my logo concepts!

Mar 24, 2011

Greg So says:

That’s a really good design to integrate the shaver into the logo, good work!

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