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Project Wrap: Wine Bottle Labels

posted by Matt Ward on Sep 1, 2009.

Project Wrap: In this post, I discuss the design of the two different wine labels that I created for my brother’s wedding.

Well my brother is married now. The wedding went really well, with no complications to speak of (other than being way too hot in that tuxedo). As the best man, I had a few responsibilities, such as carrying the rings and delivering a toast at the reception. As a designer, I was also given the responsibility of designing wine labels.

My parents brewed their own wine for the occasion – a shiraz and a chardonnay – and they wanted to have special labels designed. My brother came up with a basic concept, which featured his initial – A – and his fiancee’s initial – E – at the top left and bottom right hand corners of the label. Other than that, the only other instruction that I was given was that he wanted the colours to match the colours of the foil caps.

With that in mind, I started by taking a picture of the tops of the finished bottles.

The photograph I took of the foil caps

The photograph I took of the foil caps

From here, I sampled the purple and the gold out of the bottle on the left (the Shiraz) and used them as the base for creating my design. This little trick actually worked really well. The final labels ended up matching the caps almost perfectly.

Next, I went to my favorite font site – daFont.com. I was looking for something nice and cursive and appropriately wedding-like to use in this design, and finally decided on Porcelain, a really sweet font with lots of awesome swirls and flourishes. Next, I decided to make use of my Imperial Leaf pattern, which I added into the background for a bit of added texture and visual interest. I combined all of these elements into a single Smart Object, and then applied a lighting filter to the entire thing. Finally, I added a bit of text, using Porcelain again for the name of the wine (decided upon by my brother and is fiancee), and a font called Oregon for the rest. The final Shiraz label ended up looking like this:

"To Love" - A Shiraz

"To Love" - A Shiraz

To create the second label, I just took the first design and reworked the colours to match the foil cap of the chardonnay. I also had to tone down the lighting effect which, when applied to the much lighter colours, was just a bit too strong. The second label looks like this:

"To Love" - A Shiraz

"To Cherish" - A Chardonnay

I had the labels printed off at our local UPS store, and then my mother and I got together to stick them all on. They ended up looking really great, and everyone who saw them had nothing but positive comments. Here is a picture of the final product:

Bottles with the labels applied

Bottles with the labels applied

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the waitresses at the reception actually served the wine, rather than having the bottles sitting on the tables, where guests would have had more of a chance to look at them. I’m not sure that most people even realized that there were custom labels.

Still, my brother and now-sister-in-law were happy with the finished product and so was I. So, with the wedding over, and a lot of the wine consumed, I think it’s safe to say that’s a wrap.

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Sep 2, 2009

Mar says:

The background really works well, I might try the same myself.
Not so sure about the porcelain font. The duplicating swirls could easily look a blur to the older folks at the wedding, especially after a few glasses!

Jun 8, 2011

Labels says:

Great work, user will surely connect with such designs, and that’s what the labels are meant for..

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