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Freebie: Echo Twitter Bird

posted by Matt Ward on Aug 20, 2009.

Texture Freebie: Another free vector. This time I’m adding my own Twitter bird to the plethora of others that are already out there. Maybe this one will be just what you are looking for to put onto your website or blog.

Okay, here’s another vector freebie for you – the Echo Twitter Bird. I know, like the world needs another Twitter bird vector! Well here he is anyhow. He’s round and cute, and I’m sure that somebody out there can make use of this little guy! Who knows, maybe he will just fit your design better than the (seemingly) thousands of other Twitter birds out there.

One thing to note about this guy is that the Illustrator file actually contains four wings, two for each the left and right wings. This allows a bit of greater flexibility. You can have both wings raised or lowered, or one raised and one lowered, the way I have.

Echo Twitter Bird (Downloaded 551 times)

Echo Twitter Bird (Downloaded 551 times)

You can download this vector freebie by clicking on the preview image above. Feel free to use him in any of your designs. I figure most people will use him on their websites, but you don’t have to feel limited to that! If he can find his way into your print work, you’re more than welcome to use him there too.

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