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Freebie: Texture Pack 3 – Colours

posted by Matt Ward on Aug 13, 2009.

Texture Freebie: Another free Texture Pack. This one contains five high resolution coloured surface textures that you can use to add some depth or spice to your designs.

A few weeks ago, I posted Texture Pack 2 – Wood, my last texture freebie. In that post, I noted that I had some other texture packs in the works. Well, I’ve released another one, and I have to say – this one was a lot of fun to create.

Introducing Texture Pack 3 – Colours. I created this pack over the course of several months, by taking my camera on walks through my hometown and taking high-resolution pictures of any interesting coloured texture that I came across. In fact, some of these textures had been planned months before I actually got around to photographing them!

Texture Pack 3 - Colours (Downloaded 7023 times)

Texture Pack 3 - Colours (Downloaded 7023 times)

I actually did a bit more post-production work on these images than I have for previous packs, because I really wanted to bring the colours out. On one of the nights I went shooting, it was getting a bit late and the lighting wasn’t as good as I might have liked. As a result, some of the colours came out a bit dull. Fortunately, I was able to use Photoshop to make some adjustments and really get the texture I was looking for.

You can download these textures by clicking on the preview image above. Feel free to use the textures in your designs. If you do, shoot me an email or leave a comment. As always, I’d love to see these textures in action.

Also, I definitely took more than just these 5 pictures. I just chose these because of the variations in texture and colour. I have many more sitting in a folder on my Mac, so you can expect to see another colour texture pack at some point! Keep an eye out.

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Jan 24, 2012

Kim says:

I am SO excited to have found your site! I work for a non-profit company as a designer and your generosity will SERIOUSLY help their graphic materials (while simultaneously easing my frustration of not having a large expense account for photos). Kudos to you!

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