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Freebie: Car Vector 1

posted by Matt Ward on Jun 30, 2009.

Vector Freebie: I’m giving away this free car vector, with fully and easily customizable colours! Feel free to download it and make use of it in your designs!

I have another vector freebie that I am giving away. This time, it is a detailed vector illustration of a car. The image itself is based on my old ’99 Elantra (which we traded in several years ago).

I created this vector as an experiment with using blending modes to produce shading and highlights. It actually worked out amazingly well, in my opinion, and the result is a vector that is super easy to customize. Don’t like the default colour? I’ve locked everything but the main shape, so you should be able to just click on the car and change the colour. Easy as pie.

Here is a preview (the different colours simply represent the easy customization. The vector is entirely yellow): You can download it just by clicking the image.

Car Vector 1 (Downloaded 518 times)

Car Vector 1 (Downloaded 518 times)

This is also one of the first complete vectors that I ever created, so it has pretty special place in my heart. If you use this in any of your designs, please shoot me off a link or a copy of your design. I would absolutely love to see how people use this.

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Matt Ward is a digital artist who lances freely under the moniker of Echo Enduring Media, and specializes in graphics design, illustration and writing. He is also the Creative Director for Highland Marketing, a creative direct marketing company based out of Waterloo, Ontario. You can follow Matt on Twitter

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Jan 19, 2011

Su Hall says:

Cool! It’s nice to have in my library, but, if used, will let you know. Thank you!

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