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Echo Enduring Launched

posted by Matt Ward on Jun 26, 2009.

This is the first official post for the Echo Enduring Blog. Basically it contains a brief explanation of my vision for the blog, and lists some of the different types of posts that you can expect to find.

Hey. Welcome to Echo Enduring Media. This is my first official blog post, which means that it’s mostly going to be about the blog, and what the blog is going to me and all that kind of stuff. Nothing too spectacular yet.

Basically, the blog section of my site is going to contain a number of different types of posts. If I post a new freebie to the resources section of the site, I will usually post about it here (so be sure to subscribe in order to get new freebies delivered straight to your RSS reader). I will also be posting about different projects that I am working on. I may post some designs, or an illustration. I will also post periodic updates on my various writing projects.

I will also post other blog like articles, pointing you to cool resources that I find, ranting about art, design and writing (or, sometimes, a combination). I’m also planning on eventually starting a few regular categories, like an Artist of the Month series of posts.

I’m sure that, over time, the specific focus of the posts will shift and evolve, but I will always strive to bring you great content. So please enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment or two!

– Matt

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About the Author

Matt Ward is a digital artist who lances freely under the moniker of Echo Enduring Media, and specializes in graphics design, illustration and writing. He is also the Creative Director for Highland Marketing, a creative direct marketing company based out of Waterloo, Ontario. You can follow Matt on Twitter

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