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Web Production as Chess

posted by Arley McBlain on Jul 20, 2012.

In this fun, quirky little post, guest author Arley McBlain considers the world of web production as it relates to the classic strategy game of chess. Interesting parallels are established between the game’s pieces and the different players in the web production process.

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Quick Tip: SVG Fonts & @font-face

posted by Matt Ward on Dec 1, 2011.

In this post we will take a quick look at an issue that occasionally creeps up and prevents the loading of SVG fonts through @font-face. The issue, while quite small and very simple to resolve, has the potential to drive the average developer mad with frustration. Hopefully this quick tip will help prevent that!

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Can We Finally Move Beyond Mobile?

posted by Matt Ward on Sep 20, 2011.

The emergence of responsive design is changing the way that many people think about web design. In this article, we will look at what this might mean for the future and consider the possibility that it is finally time start moving beyond the division of the mobile web and start thinking of a unified and device-independent web.

Improving the Login Form Experience

posted by Matt Ward on Sep 1, 2011.

Login forms are a common element that appear on a large number of websites. In this article, we will be looking at how we can use a bit of CSS and jQuery to create an elegant, usable drop down form. We will also be looking at how to maintain usability by creating an alternative for users who do not have JavaScript enabled.

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Thoughts on Why You Should Have a Side Project

posted on Aug 26, 2011.

It’s a pretty common occurrence for developers and designers in this industry to have their own, pet side projects. Do you? If not, perhaps its time to consider starting something up. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits that come along with having your own side project(s).

Real World CSS Practices

posted on Aug 19, 2011.

I’ve been working with CSS for quite a few years now. Based on that experience, this article will share some of the best habits and practices that I have found to be helpful and beneficial in the areas of organization, performance, readability and typography.

I Love Responsive Design, But…

posted on Aug 6, 2011.

Responsive Design—it’s one of the hottest new things in the web design community these days. In this article, I want to consider it is a tool, and examine some potential drawbacks as the technique relates to development time, questions of advertising and the importance of a consistent user experience.

Don’t Confuse Ability with Usability

posted on Jul 26, 2011.

Despite the visual and aural similarities between the words, ability and usability are not the same thing. In this post, we will examine the difference and consider why simply being able to do something in a website or application does not automatically result in a usable product or interface.

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